Our partner Olivier Sciales will be attending the 2023 Cross-Border Distribution Conference, co-organised by the Financial Times. This key event will take place at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg on May 25, 2023.  This gathering of key regulators, influential asset managers, and prominent distributors is poised to tackle the most pressing issues and embrace the lucrative opportunities within the distribution industry.

The conference’s proactive agenda covers a plethora of topics, including:

• A keynote interview that offers a sneak peek into the possible trajectory of the European Funds Industry.

• A focused exploration of Luxembourg’s distinctive positioning in the evolving competitive landscape.

• A leaders’ panel shedding light on market volatility and its potential to spawn unique opportunities amidst economic transformations.

• A discussion revolving around the implications of upcoming regulatory changes on the industry’s growth trajectory.

• A fireside chat centered on harnessing lessons from our past to construct a more prosperous industry future.

• An interview dissecting the ongoing geopolitical conflict in Ukraine, its global economic repercussions, and potential routes towards restoration of peace and stability.

• A detailed panel conversation on the advent of fund tokenisation and digital custody, evaluating its merits for stakeholders and practical considerations for integration.

• A review of AIFMD2’s proposed modifications and their potential influence on the industry’s evolution.

• An intensive analysis of the anticipated ELTIF and Part II Fund reforms, assessing their capability to make private markets more accessible to retail customers.

• An exchange of views on the current status and future direction of the booming ESG industry, highlighting regulatory needs, realistic sustainability targets, and shifts in responsible stewardship.

Feel free to reach out to Olivier if you’re interested in discussing your projects related to Luxembourg-based alternative investments, including private equity, private debt, real estate, or venture capital funds.