Our story

Chevalier & Sciales is a Luxembourg law firm, founded 17 years ago, offering specialized expertise in a broad range of areas. These encompass investment funds, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, tax, banking, finance and capital markets, private wealth management and corporate. We are known for harmonizing excellence and intellectual rigour with practical, business-minded approaches, aiming to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our one-stop-shop service model is designed to flexibly, responsively, and cost-effectively deliver tailored solutions to our clients. We structure our practice areas to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ businesses and markets. This allows us to work collaboratively with other service providers, offering assistance and services through every aspect of our clients’ transactions and business operations. Chevalier & Sciales stands out in advising on all legal, tax, and litigation matters. Our proficiency is particularly marked in the domains of investment funds, corporate and commercial litigation, arbitration, and cross-disciplinary cases. We excel at managing cases that involve multiple areas of law and possess strong relationships with firms in other jurisdictions. This network aids us in tackling international cases and harnessing a diverse range of skills and specializations.

At Chevalier & Sciales, we take pride in our commitment to our clients, ensuring we remain at the forefront of legal innovation and service.

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