Entrepreneurial spirit

We are committed to devising innovative and profitable solutions that create value for our clients. We understand their need for us to be responsive, accurate and cost-effective, and we always seek to exceed their expectations.

Expertise and experience

Our expertise is combined with interdisciplinary and international experience of complex cases, detailed knowledge of the financial sector, an uncompromising focus on quality and a continuous learning process. Our partners are often invited to speak as experts in their practice areas at seminars and conferences and write or are quoted frequently in legal publications. Our attorneys and legal staff closely monitor changes in the law and regularly attend seminars and courses, as well as reviewing materials to ensure we continue to possess a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the law.


Our firm strives to provide services to our clients in a timely manner. The firm remains in touch with clients to ensure they receive assistance when they need it.  We return phone calls and e-mails promptly and respond to all inquiries with straightforward answers.


We aim to build and maintain long-term and personal relationships with clients, and our fee arrangements and other terms of business are transparent. We are flexible and try to help clients manage their legal costs, particularly in times of financial stress. We endeavour to ensure that fee estimates are accurate and that our clients’ total costs remain fair and reasonable.

Professional relationships with service providers and the Luxembourg authorities

Our firm has extensive experience of negotiation with Luxembourg’s Financial Sector Supervisory Authority (CSSF) and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and has built strong relationships with Luxembourg custodian banks, fund administrators, authorised AIFMs and auditors.