Restructuring and insolvency

Our investment funds team assists managers of funds with restructuring of their funds to optimise the operational efficiency of their business models, reduce costs and meet marketing considerations.

We assist managers of funds with various types of restructuring including:

  • Relocation of offshore funds to Luxembourg through contribution in kind of the assets of the funds to Luxembourg RAIFs, SIFs, and UCITS in the form of SICAVs or FCPs; redomiciliation of offshore funds to Luxembourg as a UCITS, RAIF or SIF structure; or mergers of offshore funds into an existing Luxembourg UCITS, part II fund, RAIF or SIF.
  • Conversion of Luxembourg funds from SIFs into RAIFs and vice-versa.
  • Merger of Luxembourg funds and sub-funds, as well as merger of sub-funds of RAIF or SIF platforms into standalone funds.
  • Liquidation of Luxembourg funds and sub-funds.

Key competencies

arrow_forward Private equity – Fund structuring

arrow_forward Venture capital funds

arrow_forward Real estate – Fund structuring

arrow_forward Hedge funds

arrow_forward Crypto funds

arrow_forward Private debt funds

arrow_forward Infrastructure funds

arrow_forward Sustainable finance and ESG funds

arrow_forward Regulatory and compliance

arrow_forward Investment fund litigation

Highlighted cases

arrow_forward Migration of a Cayman fund to a Luxembourg RAIF.

arrow_forward Assisting a RAIF platform with the merger of a sub-fund into a sub-fund of a new Luxembourg fund.

arrow_forward Assisting managers with the liquidation of sub-funds of SIFs and of the SIF itself.

arrow_forward  Migration of a BVI fund to a Luxembourg UCITS master-feeder structure.

arrow_forward  Advising a Luxembourg UCITS on the merger of its sub-funds.

arrow_forward  Advising managers with liquidation of a special limited partnership.