International litigation and arbitration

Chevalier & Sciales’ international litigation team has represented private and public parties in cross-border and international cases.

Our lawyers have acquired unique skills, and the breadth of expertise necessary to devise appropriate strategies and successfully manage, represent, advocate and litigate complex financial multilingual and multi-jurisdictional cases.

Key competencies

arrow_forward Fund litigation

arrow_forward Private banking and financial litigation

arrow_forward Corporate and commercial litigation

Highlighted cases

arrow_forward Diag Human SE vs Czech Republic PCA Case 2018-20 – ongoing case: US$1 billion investment treaty claim against Czech Republic arising out of difficulties in enforcing a 2008 Czech commercial arbitration award, including in England [2014] EWHC 1639 (Comm), Austria and the Netherlands, in contrast to successful enforcement in Luxembourg and Belgium.

arrow_forwardCurrently representing and assisting a creditor against a state for the validation of attachments made at several Luxembourg banks to enforce a €500 million commercial claim. The decisions are favourable to the creditor subject to complex issues of state immunity in an ongoing case. One of three favourable decisions (civil judgment 2019TALCH10/00094) is available online.

French version / English version 

arrow_forward  Successfully represented and assisted a creditor before Luxembourg’s Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation for enforcement of a €500 million commercial award within Luxembourg under the New York Convention of June 10, 1958 on recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration award. The decisions handed down are publicly available online:

Judgement of the Luxembourg Court of Appeal: decision 55/17-VIII-exequatur.

Judgement of the Luxembourg Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation) 70/2018.

arrow_forward  Currently representing and assisting a creditor against a state before the Luxembourg courts for the granting and execution of a European Account Preservation Order under EU Regulation n° 655/2014 in four EU countries.