Private Investment & Family Capital

At Chevalier & Sciales, our expertise in private investment offers clients a competitive edge. We specialize in fund creation and management, investment structure optimization, family office setup, risk mitigation, and coordination of professional service providers

Our team at Chevalier & Sciales has expertise in the ever-evolving field of private investment. We leverage our expertise and client-focused approach to refine investment structures, recognize potential risks, and offer our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Key competencies in our private investment services include:

  • Dedicated Fund Creation and Management: Our team specializes in the creation and management of dedicated investment funds. We assist clients in establishing bespoke investment vehicles tailored to their specific needs. This includes providing guidance on fund structuring, regulatory compliance, investor relations, and fund administration. We ensure that our clients’ funds are structured efficiently and managed effectively to achieve their investment objectives.
  • Investment Structure Optimization: We assist clients in structuring their investments to achieve optimal results. Whether it’s a private equity fund, venture capital fund, real estate fund, or other alternative investment structures, our team leverages its deep understanding of the industry to develop customized solutions that align with the client’s specific investment goals.
  • Family Office Setup: In addition to dedicated funds, we offer guidance and support in setting up family offices. Our team assists clients in establishing family offices that serve as centralized platforms for managing various aspects of their wealth. This includes the establishment of family charters, governance structures, and the coordination of professional service providers. We provide comprehensive solutions to help families effectively manage their wealth and ensure intergenerational wealth preservation.
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation: Our experienced professionals analyze investment opportunities and identify potential risks inherent in private investments. We help clients navigate complex market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and potential legal challenges, ensuring that risk factors are appropriately assessed and mitigated to protect their investments.
  • Coordination of Professional Service Providers: We understand that a dedicated investment vehicle often requires collaboration with various professional service providers. As part of our services, we initiate, coordinate and liaise with these providers, including foreign tax advisors, asset managers, auditors, and administrators. We ensure seamless integration and efficient management of your dedicated investment vehicle’s operations.

At Chevalier & Sciales, we understand the intricacies of the private investment landscape. Through our specialized expertise and collaborative approach, we provide our clients with tailored solutions that optimize their investment structures. Whether it’s creating and managing dedicated funds or setting up family offices, we are committed to assisting clients in achieving their private investment goals and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Highlighted cases

arrow_forward Assisting a LATAM family with the set-up of a RAIF.

arrow_forward Assisting a Swiss based family with the restructuring of their Luxembourg fund.

arrow_forward  Assisting a Greek family with the establishment of their SPF.

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