Luxembourg SPF (Société de gestion de Patrimoine Familial) Services

Our team at Chevalier & Sciales, offers specialized services for Luxembourg SPF (Société de gestion de Patrimoine Familial), catering to the unique needs of families seeking a flexible and efficient wealth management vehicle. Our key competencies in providing Luxembourg SPF services include:

  • SPF Structuring and Establishment: Our experienced team assists clients in structuring and establishing Luxembourg SPF entities. We provide comprehensive guidance on the legal, regulatory, and tax aspects involved in setting up an SPF. ensuring the structure is tailored to the client’s specific requirements and objectives for efficient wealth management and tax optimization.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: Given that an SPF operates under specific regulatory requirements, we offer comprehensive compliance and regulatory support. Our team stays current with the latest regulations and ensures the SPF remains compliant with applicable laws. We assist clients in fulfilling reporting obligations and liaising with regulatory authorities, allowing them to focus on their wealth management objectives.
  • Asset Holding and Management: The Luxembourg SPF serves as an ideal vehicle for holding and managing family assets. We assist clients in structuring their asset portfolios within the SPF, providing efficient and centralized management. Our team offers guidance on asset allocation, risk management, and ongoing portfolio monitoring to optimize investment performance and preserve wealth.
  • Tax Planning: The Luxembourg SPF offers attractive tax advantages, and we specialize in leveraging these benefits for our clients. We provide strategic tax planning services, helping clients optimize their tax positions and minimize tax liabilities within the SPF structure. Our expertise in Luxembourg tax laws allows us to develop tax-efficient strategies that align with the client’s objectives.
  • Coordination of Professional Service Providers: We understand that an SPF often requires collaboration with various professional service providers. As part of our SPF services, we initiate, coordinate and liaise with these providers, including foreign tax advisors, asset managers, auditors, and administrators. We ensure seamless integration and efficient management of the SPF’s operations.

At Chevalier & Sciales, we have a deep understanding of the Luxembourg SPF regime and its benefits for families seeking an efficient wealth management vehicle. Our specialized services are tailored to meet the unique needs of SPF clients, providing comprehensive support in structuring, compliance, asset management, tax optimization, family governance, and succession planning.

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