The CSSF published on 28 November 2014 the Circular CSSF 14/596 (the “Circular”) addressed to all credit institutions regarding the new communication regime between significant banks and the different authorities in charge of prudential supervision after the introduction of the single supervisory mechanism on November 4th, 2014. Such Circular also abolishes the VISA procedure for published annual accounts for all credit institutions. In accordance with Article 95 of Regulation (EU) N°468/2014 of the European Central Bank of 16 April 2014 establishing the framework for cooperation within the Single Supervisory Mechanism between the ECB and national competent authorities and with national designated authorities (SSM Framework Regulation), all requests, notifications or applications, relating to the exercise of the tasks conferred to the ECB, shall be addressed directly to the ECB. Significant entities and their subsidiaries shall send to the European Central Bank (ECB) all communications to the addresses communicated to them by the ECB in August 2014. Exceptions, fixed by the SSM Framework, for which the communication continues to take place directly between the bank and the CSSF are listed in the Circular.